Sakar Law is proud to have won the one of the Mondaq Autumn 2023 Awards for Thought Leadership
We are delighted to announce that our senior partner Gözde Esen Sakar has won the Mondaq Thought Leadership Autumn 2023 Award!
The awards showcase the top authors based on total readership between April and September 2023, showing award winners across 17 countries and separate awards across multiple topic areas. Our Senior Partner Gözde Esen Sakar has recieved this award in Arbitration and Dispute Resolution category.
Sakar Law Firm Opens Doors in Turkey
CEE Legal Matters reported on its website, from the pen of Radu Cotarcea, that Sakar Law Office was established in Istanbul by Attorney Gözde Esen Sakar. 

In CEE Legal Matters' news, Gözde Esen Sakar's past experiences of more than 20 years has been also mentioned.